November 24, 2005

Thoughts on Torture

A post,Thoughts on Torture and Slavery, highlighted by Andrew Sullivan, I do not go along with al of it but this passage really struck a cord:
This is, of course, a situation in which an "activist" like Noam Chomsky is totally useless. Nearly every statement that the far left makes concerning "'Uhmurika" is an insult. Klauswitz said that the man who defends everything defends nothing. Similarly, the man who finds everyone guilty legitimizes the truly guilty.

This is a situation in which the right needs to recognize a moral absolute, and the left needs to become more comfortable with defending a moral absolute. Torture is morally indefensible- in every case, and every situation.
Our civilisation is better than that of the Islamists, we do not need to lower ourselves to their level.


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